A r c t I c    F a c e s

Arctic Faces is an exploration of the Alaska Native people and landscapes of Northwest Alaska. These images were photographed and produced by George Sabo, who lived in Nome, Alaska for over thirty years. During this time he traveled to cities, towns and villages, hunting and fishing camps to capture the landscapes and faces of the people who have lived in this harsh and beautiful land for over five thousand years. Large exhibits of the resulting blend of portraits and scenery have been shown in museums and other venues throughout Alaska as well as at the Jensen Arctic Museum and Western Oregon University. 

The portraits show the moods of these people, their striking facial qualities which mirror their lives and cultures. Some of the images reflect back to older rituals of shamanism and also reveal the effects of living in a land where the power of nature has so often dominated. The images were created by photographing both portraits and landscapes with traditional film cameras; the unusual colorings and effects of some of the landscapes were achieved through special photographic techniques developed in-camera, not through computer manipulations. However the final blends were achieved with computer software, to give a sense of the  closeness of the people with their environment.  For all inquiries and feedback, e-mail contact: georgesabo@hotmail.com  

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